Our IPv6 Proxy API Is Now Live

Today we’re proud to announce that our IPv6 proxy API is going live. Infiniproxy is steadily empowering users in online marketing and development. Now developers have the option to make use of our Application Programmable Interface (API) and automate what before they could only do via our Proxy Manager.

IPv6 Proxy Manager
IPv6 Proxy Manager

Our new API can be used to do anything that you can do in the IPv6 Proxy Manager and more. Our API is a simple RESTful API that outputs JSON responses. Our proxy API can execute the following methods:

  • Get account related statistics including usage data.
  • View all proxy pools.
  • Get the status of a pending add or delete job.
  • Add a new proxy pool.
  • Delete an existing proxy pool.
  • Export a proxy pool to CSV.
  • Test a web site for IPv6 connectivity similar to our IPv6 Site Checker.

Developers can currently gain access to our API by requesting an API key using our Live Help or by submitting a ticket to our Help Desk. In the next few days, we’ll be making API keys automatically available to all users who qualify.

This update comes in the wake up several updates to our system. Developers wishing to use our API should check out our API Documentation. We see this as a great step forward for Infiniproxy as we continue to enhance and expand our network.